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A few of our favourite picks – remember to ask us for a try next time you’re in!

  • Summer is here and your solution to cocktails on-the-go have arrived just in time! Just add a dash of soda and enjoy! See in store for more flavours and ask to try before you buy.

  • It’s true what they say, “3/4 of your drink is a mixer…so mix it with the best!” For a limited time only, receive a complimentary 200ml bottle of Fever Tree with any bottle of Gin purchased! Only at Lower Plenty Liquor.

  • Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse has even created his own interpretation of Grey Goose, a flavour-led vodka gastronomique designed to be served as an aperitif. The brand is also famed for its events that give consumers fun, unique experiences – often through the medium of ultra-trendy...