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A few of our favourite picks – remember to ask us for a try next time you’re in!

  • First thoughts on first sip will take you back to memories of enjoying frozen yoghurt treats on a warm Summer day.

  • "Like eating peanut butter straight from the jar"

  • Just land in Lower Plenty Liquor, is the Kweichow Moutai. This particular produce is the most revered of Chinese liquors.

  • “The no bullsh*t Gin” It’s labeled Pink Gin, but don’t be fooled. It’s the bottle thats pink, not the Gin. This is the Swedish distillery’s distribution of the over saturated hype of Pink Gin in today’s world of booze, The irony stands as as way...

  • Born in Melbourne, enjoyed all over the world. Starward are known to create some of this city’s most enjoyable whisky, using red wine barrels to mature their liquids. Sourced from within Victoria, their ingredients are truly local and home grown. Available on the tasting table,...